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Patient I WANTS© Workshop

The purpose of this dynamic interactive session is to introduce participants to innovative tactics for rapidly implementing strategies for patient-centric culture change.




Understand how the current experience causes patients and their support network to feel.


Foster employee commitment, not merely compliance


Describe how the patient experience can affect outcomes


Engage employees in problem-solving patient experience situations that drive scores up


Understand that improving the patient experience increases job satisfaction, improves business results, and is good for the patient.


Highly-engaged employees positively impact patient experiences


Feel empowered to make changes and be ready to put immediate actions into practice to shift the culture at your healthcare facility


Promote organization-wide common mental model for decision making and action


Part One:  The Patient Journey

Participants examine the patient’s experience through the eyes of the patient and discuss how it differs from the provider’s perspective.


Part Two: The Patient Experience Matters

Explore a real-life case study about one patient’s hospital discharge experience. Discover how emotions impact behavior along the discharge journey.  Identify powerful statistics connecting patient-centered care to improved patient outcomes, patient and employee satisfaction, and your organization’s bottom line.


Part Three:  What Patients Want

Identify the gaps in your hospital’s patient journey and how they cause patients to feel. Learn how patients want to feel and explore ways to fill the gap between how patients want to feel and how the hospital’s policies, procedures and people cause them to feel.


Part Four:  Synthesis and Action

Reimagine the patient journey at your facility, incorporating your Patient I Wants© discoveries.  Make specific commitments to improving processes, ongoing training and, most importantly, changing culture.

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