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The Help Me Health® Mission

Offer healthcare providers the insights and tools they need to achieve better patient satisfaction and employee engagement.


Improve healthcare providers' bottom line by employing simple patient-centric tactics across the organization.

It all started with Questioning Protocol, Randi’s nationally acclaimed, award winning book.


On the patient side, Randi learned to enable caregivers to feel in-control and to understand the choices that need to be made on behalf of their ailing loved ones. Randi has witnessed families feeling intimidated by the medical community and overwhelmed by vast amounts of information and emotion.

By incorporating her corporate know-how and decision-making techniques, Randi has created straightforward, easy-to-follow action items that improve the experience for patients and their loved ones.

Randi has partnered with Kathleen, a customer experience trailblazer, to create a program for healthcare providers that is proven, rapid and scalable.


This combination of what to do and how to do it, improves healthcare outcomes and the bottom line.

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